The Foundation actively seeks partnerships with other foundations and charities to develop its mission.

   It operates a proactive policy in making grants to other bodies.  This ‘pro-active policy’ means that the Foundation itself identifies areas of work in values education which would benefit from further work and development, and commissions a preferred manager to undertake the work.

   The Foundation does not normally invite or respond to unsolicited applications for grant aid.

   The Foundation is administered by a part-time secretary based at the Foundation’s office in Aberdeen.  The Foundation Secretary is the normal point of contact for all business, and acts as the official correspondent.  The Foundation’s legal secretaries and accountants are Burnett & Reid, 15 Golden Square, Aberdeen.

For further information about the Foundation and its activities, please contact:

The Foundation Secretary
The Gordon Cook Foundation
3 Chattan Place
AB10 6RB

Tel/Fax: 01224 571010


The Gordon Cook Foundation  ·  3 Chattan Place  ·  Aberdeen  ·  AB10 6RB

Tel/Fax:  01224 571010


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